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Thank you to the Artists & Musicians who haveĀ volunteered, performed & supported Art Beat!

Abigail, The Rock Opera

American Nomad

Amy Jo Evje

Andrea Bragg

Animal Lover


Antonette Goroch

Ari Vais

Aylan Mello

Bang Data

Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children MacNuggits

Bryan Belknap

Caroline Joy Alegre

Chase Clark

China Tamblyn

Christina Baily

Conspiracy of Venus

Cori Crooks

Danger Mon

Danny Allen

David Meltzer

Eight Belles

Emily Moldy

Foxtails Brigade

Gravid Wives

Greg Turner

Heather Jovanelli

Hilary Reed

Hotel Eden

Ivan Uranga

Jeannine Jayne Komish

Jenny Hynes

Jimmy Dias (The Love Dimension)

Judith & Holofernes

Karen Finlay

Kelly McFarling

Linda Moody

MANG by Mandy Jacobsen

Marina Lazzara

Max Porter

McCabe & Mrs. Miller (Victor Krummenacher of Camper Van Beethoven & Alison Faith Levy)

Melissa Baker


Misisipi Mike

Myrka Morales

New Love Soul Revue

Owen Roberts (Shady Maples)

Paige & the Thousand

Phoebe Hastings

Quiet Surfers

Rachel (Fat & the Moon)

Rich Scramaglia

Rin Tin Tiger

Ruthann Freedman

Ryan James

Sarah Mones Friedman

Scott Mickelson

Sean McArdle

Sister Exister

Super Natural

Suzanne Vallie


The Bay Area Brit

The Pirate Band

The Rabbles

The Shants

The Verms

Tippy Canoe

Tom Galbraith

Tom Rhodes

Tory Ford

Upstairs Downstairs

Val Esway

Victor Krummenacher

Victory & Associates

Waste Band

Wet Dreams Dry Magic

Xeena Paul