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Art Beat Rock Camp

a camp for boys and girls who must rock June 17-21, 2013

Summer Rock Camp

The Art Beat Summer Rock Camp is a week-long program for boys and girls ages 8-16. Campers form a band; collaboratively write and record an original song; design a band logo and CD cover; have a photo shoot; and ultimately, perform and exhibit their work.


art beat rock camp 2013 smallSESSION DATES, TIMES & LOCATION

Mon-Fri., June 17-21, 2013, 9am-4pm

Oakland School for the Arts

530 18th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Performance Saturday, June 22 at Art Beat Foundation


Listen to Camper Recordings from 2012 


Register for the 2013 Summer Session



sc2012Explodingpines12The intent of our camp is on giving aspiring young cultural revolutionaries the basic technical tools (instruments, microphones, PAs), basic instruction (this is how you plug in your guitar, use a PA works, write a band bio) and personal interaction with established, working musicians to be able to enact their own visions of creativity–whether this is picking up a new and unfamiliar instrument and playing on stage for the first time, collaboratively writing a song with a group of peers, or communicating an existing vision while gaining the support of your group.

sc2012Bandersnach12Art Beat Summer Rock Camp intentionally does not separate campers by age, allowing younger campers benefit from the wisdom of older campers, and the older campers benefit from the experience of being a role model and leader within the group. Neither does our camp separate campers by gender, instead letting boys and girls learn to thrive as equals in a creative situation.



Each day campers participate in an opening warm up as a group, then break into workshops designed to focus on their individual projects. Afternoons bring a daily lunchtime performance for all campers, from local working musicians of various genres, followed by Q&A sessions. Campers have both morning and afternoon rehearsals/art-making time with their band.




An integral part of the Art Beat Rock Camp experience is the mostly volunteer staff, made up of working musicians and artists from the Bay Area and beyond. While many of our volunteers also teach music lessons of one sort or another in their “non-camp” lives, all of our volunteers are professional working musicians who spend their “normal” lives putting out records, touring and generally making music happen. They look at camp as a way to participate in the community and share their skills with a new generation–whether as a band manager/mentor, workshop presenter or guest lunchtime musician. Over the past three years, lasting bonds have been made between campers and volunteers that have gone beyond camp, demonstrating the unique type of relationship that comes from embarking on a creative project together.




9am-10:00    Arrivals

10:00-10:30  Morning Circle

10:30-11:00  Daily Workshop 1

11:00-11:15   Snack Break

11:15-11:40   Band Practice

11:45-12: 45  Lunch Performance + Q&A

12:45-1:15   Daily Workshop 2

1:15-2:30     Band Practice

2:45-3:00    Closing Circle

3:00-4:00   Pick-up (Any time between 3pm & 4pm)


art Beat 2012 studio sessions1


How Your Equipment Works
Rehearsal Room Etiquette
Amps, Pedals, Effects and other Tools of the Trade
Basic Songwriting
How to Write Your Bio
Logos & Album Covers
How to Make a Show Poster
How to Promote a Show
Recording a Song in Garage Band
Rock & Roll Clothing Art
Design Your Image/Costume Day & Photo Shoot



  • Full tuition for a session of camp is $400 including materials ($300 before April 15, $350 before May 1). We offer barter, full and partial scholarships. Please indicate your interest on our online registration form.



  • Fill out the online application. You’ll hear back from us within two weeks of submitting your application.
  • Once your application is processed, you will receive instructions on how to submit your tuition payment via check, money order or Paypal.



  • Enrollment is first-come, first-served. Once we process your application, a spot is reserved for your camper. After a tuition payment is received your instrument is then reserved.
  • Requests to switch instruments can be made prior to the first day of camp. Campers may not switch instruments after this time.
  • We do not assign bands before the session begins. On the first day of camp, we have a variety of workshop activities designed around band formation. Many factors are taken into account in band assignment, including camper input on the first day!