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Home Art Beat Bazaar September 2013

all the prettyAll My Pretty Ones, photo by Jack

It’s the return of one of the East Bay’s most delightful community events: The Art Beat Bazaar! After one year’s absence, the Art Beat Bazaar returns to the Starry Plough for a very special afternoon of music, readings, pop-up crafts and community networking as part of the 5th Annual Mission Creek Oakland Festival.

Sunday, September 8th, 3 pm

The Starry Plough

3101 Shattuck Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94705

(510) 841-2082


3-7pm, All-Ages

$5-$20 Donations at the door/no one turned away

Tax Deductible Donations Welcome

Kitchen Open and Wheelchair Accessible

Performances By:

6:30pm: Music – All My Pretty Ones

The acoustic instrumentation and vocal harmonies of San Francisco based ensemble All My Pretty Ones invoke all the familiarity and comfort of the best classic folk and indie artists, but it’s the band’s extraordinarily innovative approach to songwriting and arranging that set them apart from other americana-inspired musical groups. All My Pretty Ones represents a collaborative engine fueled by songwriter Derek Schmidt, whose work draws as much from classical composition, musical theatre and contemporary poetry as it does from 60’s folk music and current independent artists.

The challenge of composing for and working with such a talented and diverse group – all of whom contribute extensively to the musical arrangements – has enhanced Derek’s distinct songwriting style precipitously. The challenge of interpreting Derek’s unconventional and stunning songs has inspired these musicians to the peak of their creative abilities. The end result is beautiful and unlike anything in popular music today. The end result is All My Pretty Ones.


6:10pm: Reading – Karen Finlay


5:40pm: Music – Agony Aunts

Agony_AuntsSelf-described psych-pop supergroup, their music is “jangle-jingle,” psychedelic showtune, gratuitous buttrock, bubble grunge, rebelliously conventional balladry, frat-party porn soundtracks and twee-prog—not your typical shoe gazers. Like true artists only working on projects which are meaningful,  mundane marketing issues simply do not interest them. They rarely perform outside of the SF bay Area, possessing no interests in becoming stars, not musicians for hire. They hang ten on the tidal wave of musical genius, dropping deeper, carving a crucial path of righteousness, a most excellent ride. Like Ishi, they may be the last of their kind.

This band of ten misfits is headed by four tribe leaders: Number One Duane is the architect, guitarist, shaper of twisted chords, barbed hook-caster and vocalist; Luscious Fields is the ethereal uke plucker, tambo-shaker, and siren-voiced vocal leader; Mike Hate is the bassmaster, vocalist and keeper of the 88 keys; Private Rod is the shark-skinned double-barreled snare-shooter, and the keeper of the beats—a bad apple. The remaining tribe members randomly appear at pow-wows and potlatches. A frenzy of songs—12 keepers—songs of alternate universes, those that are lost, some who’ve found love among rocky shores, fists of death, verdant parklands, gleaners of emotional fields and Night Circling Sharks: “We slipped thru the dark/wasted our consciousness, breathing our morals like glue.” This is heady stuff.


5:20pm: Reading – The Bay Area Brit 


4:50pm: Music – Moonshine Maybelline

moonshine may

4:30pm: Reading- Jessi Phillips

4pm Music: Antonette Goroch 


Antonette Goroch is a singer, songwriter, mother, writer and world traveler. A singer and storyteller since the age of 5, she has dabbled in various musical styles including opera, musicals, rock, country, folk and blues. Antonette has recorded and co-produced several full length recordings as the singer/bassist for the all-girl indie rock trio, the Amazon Mollies (Molly Rock/1997, Promised Land/1999, Sugar Molly/2000); the singer/guitarist for the folk rock band, Liesl’s Wet Dress (Shedding Skin/2001, Gingerbread Aliens/2004, Spielen/2005); and the singer/guitarist for the indie folk duet, The Hobbyists (The Hobbyists, 2006). Throughout each of these incarnations, Antonette has been recognized for her voice, melodies and lyrics, described as “a compelling blend of intelligence, innocence and insight, with a dash of intellectual insanity.” An avid traveler, Antonette has toured throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe in bands and as a solo performer. She has also collaborated and performed as a guest with bands/artists including, Smile God Loves You, Poetics, ShellShag, and The Billy Talbot Band.

3:45pm: Reading – Laurel Kapros


And Our Pop-up Indie Craft Mart, Featuring Artists, Designers, and Crafters:

Cori Crooks

Decorative tile jewelry


Amanda Gain Azevedo


Katie McKinnon of Panic in Polkadots




Brigette Iarrusso

Unique Up-cycled Vintage Jewelry


Simone Coulars of Mystic Space Arts





Chase Clark of Oh the Cuteness