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It is a well-rounded and comically, if not actually,  international theme at this month’s Bazaar, with faux-French pop rockers, Les Sans Culottes from NYC, writer, humorist and native-Londoner now Oaklander, The Bay Area Brit (Matty Stone) and all-girl garage rockers from SF, Female Trouble.

April’s Bazaar will also have $1 off Trumer Pils specials, thanks to our sponsor, Trumer International, as well as the Starry Plough’s full kitchen menu!

Sunday, April 15, 2012
The Starry Plough
3101 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 841-2082
3-7pm, FREE All-Ages
Tax Deductible Donations Welcome
Kitchen Open and Wheelchair Accessible


Performances By:

Les Sans Culottes (5:45pm)

Les Sans Culotes at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar


The “seven-headed beast from the hard-scrabble streets of Menilmontant” and “those frilly Parisian underthings,” Les Sans Culottes borrowed their name from the ill-clad (i.e., long-trousered) citizen- soldiers of the French Revolution. The band’s sound is a melange of Francophone 60’s girl group and the Kinks. The band has released six recordings: “Les Sans Culottes”; “The Ennui and the Ecstasy”; “Faux Realism”; “Full Frontal Crudite’- Live in Paris”; “Fixation Orale”; “Le Weekender,” and on September 8, 2011, “Pataphysical Graffiti. ” Its music has been featured in ads for Hewlett Packard, Ariel cleaner(europe), and the Google Nexus Android phone as well as the TV programs Gossip Girl, Entourage, Cat House, MTV’s the Real World and Surfer Girls, and motion pictures the Hot Chick and Daltrey Calhoun.

According to a recent review in The New Yorker, “The Brooklyn ensemble Les Sans Culottes play raunchy faux-French rock and roll that’s both a sendup of and a tribute to the dark tunes of late-period Serge Gainsbourg and punchy ye-ye girl pop.”  The New York Times, meanwhile says, “The giddy, light-headed charm of the 1960’s French rock known as ye-ye is concept enough for Les Sans Culottes, a Brooklyn band that revives the style…fuzz-toned guitars, electric organ, cooing female voices and know-it-all male growls. All Les Sans Culottes had to do is bring back the psychedelic-patterned clothes, come up with stage names like Kit Kat le Noir and add some extra Franglais to savor the music’s loony essence.”


The Bay Area Brit (5:15pm)

The Bay Area Brit (Matty Stone) at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar


The Bay Area Brit is Matty Stone, a writer, cartoonist and humorist originally from London, England who now calls Oakland home. In the 90’s, Stone created comics for The American Music Press. His single-panel comic strip “Stone’s Throw” was syndicated by The New Breed, a division of King Features. In the 2000’s, he wrote, illustrated, and published “365 Dead,” a calendar which made light of the ultimate expiration chronicling the last 2,000 years. In 2002 he illustrated a children’s book called “Mickey and Mackelwane” which was published by Excelsior Publishing. In 2006 He wrote his first novel: “The Americanization of Poe Ogdred” which was represented by Tricia Davey at Sanford J.Greenburger. His second novel: “Big Life” is finally completed and about to embark on looking for a home, preferably with a large backyard, swimming pool, and one of those fancy, French toilet-looking sinks in which you wash your bottom.


Female Trouble

Female Trouble at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar


Local faves, Female Trouble offer 60’s style naughty-pop, cha cha heel garage punk. Great music to dance to with a raised glass of beer and a rebellious attitude.


And our April Pop-Up Indie Craft Mart with:

Brownie 510 by Bonnie Schiffer

Vintage Style Aprons

Brownie 510 at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar

Reclaimed Fame by Melissa Baker

Yoga mat bags from reclaimed materials

Reclaimed Fame at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar

Squeaky, Cute & Creepy

Hip and affordable hair accessories

Squeaky, Cute & Creepy at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar

Angelina Paloma

Paper Musings, Oils & Scrubs, Origami Jewelry

Angelina Pomona at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar

Oh the Cuteness! by Chase Clark
Adorable handmade goods

Oh! The Cuteness at the April 2012 Art Beat Bazaar

Art History Nerd by Melanie Ross
Art history and literary jewelry