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2013 Staff & Volunteers

An integral part of the Art Beat Rock Camp experience is the largely volunteer staff, made up of working musicians and artists from the Bay Area and beyond. While many of our volunteers also teach music lessons of one sort or another in their “non-camp” lives, all of our volunteers are professional working musicians who spend their “normal” lives putting out records, touring and generally making music happen. They look at camp as a way to participate in the community and share their skills with a new generation–whether as a band manager/mentor, workshop presenter or guest lunchtime musician. Over the past three years, lasting bonds have been made between campers and volunteers that have gone beyond camp, demonstrating the unique type of relationship that comes from embarking on a creative project together.

Antonette Goroch, Director


Antonette is a mother, writer, singer and songwriter. She is the co-founder of the Art Beat Summer Rock Camp and the Art Beat Foundation. She is tours regularly throughout the U.S. and Europe as a soloist (AntonetteG) and with her indie rock band, Super Natural.


Xeena Paul, Assistant Director

Xeena is a three-time veteran of Art Beat Rock Camp, having been a band manager since the first camp in 2010. She is a musician and student at Laney College. This year is joining us as the assistant director!


Heather Jovanelli, ‘Quipment Coordinator


Heather Jovanelli is a Mainer who lives in Oakland, CA presently. Her paintings and drawings have appeared at Thornhill Park Art Gallery in Sunderland, England and in La Facha, Portugal. Her painted images have been published in ‘the Maine Review’, ‘Green Rock Publications’ and the online journal ‘There’. She is the guitarist in the Oakland based folk-pop group, ‘Waste Band’.


Kristen Forbes, Band Manager


Kristin has been playing music ever since she was three, when she heard a song on the radio, went to the family piano, and figured out how to play it. She has been playing guitar since she was 14; she played in her high school jazz ensemble and in college, a ska band called Take 5. Upon graduating, she recorded and toured as a solo musician for years before moving to Washington, DC to play with The Travis Morrison Hellfighters. There, she met Olivia Mancini and learned bass to play in her band, Olivia Mancini & The Mates. She also went on to play bass in The Andalusians, who have a 7″ on DC’s seminal punk label, Dischord Records. She now lives in Baltimore and has rediscovered her love for playing reggae. Dubbed “Lady Hatchet” by her peers for her sharp, precise guitar playing, Kristin fronts The Scotch Bonnets, a band that showcases her song-writing. She also plays in three other bands: The Players, Jaabs, and America Hearts. In 2011, she spent a month on the Vans Warped Tour playing with Angelo Moore from Fishbone, and they are currently tracking an album of new music together. Along with helping to run Reggae Sweatshop (a weekly jam night in DC), she works at GIGS, teaching guitar, bass, drums, keys, voice, and even ukelele. When filling out tax forms and loan applications, Kristin is very proud to write “professional musician” on the occupation line.


Sean McArdle, Band Manager


Sean McArdle is a bay area native and refugee of the local low-fi and punk rock scene. Most notable in those circles for Lookout Records band, The Cost, McArdle disbanded his various projects and moved to Washington DC in 2005. There, he cultivated a quieter sound, studied American blues and British folk, and released his first solo album, Northern Charms. The album displays a mature combination of all of his interests, from spacious Americana to gritty urban rock.  He is currently finishing his second album, Kiss and Ride, set for release summer of 2013.


Jon Lady, Band Manager


Jon Lady is a musician, writer, educator, DJ, and advocate of everything Oakland. Picking up the guitar at age 13 he began performing soon after in the small town of Peoria, IL, where he was born and raised. At 15 he figured he might as well organize and promote the punk shows he was a part of. His scope has been broadening ever since. A ceaseless advocate of the underground scene in Chicago and around the midwest, he moved to California in 2004, and to Oakland in 2008. Since graduating from SF State with a degree in American Studies, he’s has focused the majority of his energy on the East Bay, volunteering for various non-profits and working with MCO to showcase the endless significane of Oakland artists. He plays drums in the goth-punk band Field Trips, and is a Co-Executive of Loves In Heat records. He believes in the soul power of a good donut or slice of pie. You can call him Lady.


Olivia Mancini, Rock History & DIY Band Etiquette


Olivia Mancini’s sense for melody will make any songwriter jealous. Versatility is her true charm – she can stretch the boundaries of musical genres without sounding as if she’s out of place. Olivia Mancini is one of the few female live acts coming out of Washington, D.C. that is equally appealing to a male audience as well as a female audience. Olivia Mancini‘s folk-pop roots combined with her true Rock ‘n’ Roll aesthetic embraces every sense of American culture.

Olivia Mancini has been touring the U.S. and Europe for more than 10 years,performing her original songs as a singer-songwriter, or with her bands, Olivia & the Mates, and Astra Via. Olivia Mancini has performed with top acts like The Hold Steady, STARS, Matthew Sweet, and Melissa Ferrick. Her music has appeared in Gossip Girl, Entourage, ER, and Live wih Regis and Kathy Lee. With years of grassroots development, and now a collaboration with accomplished producer, Jarrett Nicolay (Virginia Coalition), audiences will be seeing her  in a light brighter than ever imagined.

She divides her time between Washington and New York.

Gregory Coates Piper, Drum Clinic


Lorenzo Levinger, Songwriting Clinic



Willa Goroch-Fink, Intern/Asst. Band Manager


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