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Art Beat Rock Camp

a camp for boys and girls who must rock June 17-21, 2013

Home Summer Rock Camp 2012 Camper Recordings & Art


“Let Your Art Beat”

Performed by the 2012 Art Beat Campers



2012 Camper Bands

Band Photos courtesy of Terri Loewenthal Photography



Julian Ishii-Lusk, Drums
Felix Libsch, Keyboard
Gabriel Ishii-Lusk, Guitar
Sadie Barreto, Vocals







Words by Sadie

Music & Arrangement

by Bandersnatch



Exploding Pines

Tyler Loll, drums
Jake Kramer, Guitar
Sabrina Heinitz, vocals
Milo Baker, Keyboard




“Be Weird For Once”

Words by Sabrina
Music & Arrangement
By Exploding Pines






Aidan Manousos, Keyboard
Izzy Maturana, Guitar
Radio (Luna Maria Bowling), Guitar
Shaye Sullivan, backing vocals & percussion
Willa Goroch-Fink, bass & vocals










“Look At Me Now”

Words by Willa
Music & Arrangement
By Valkyrie


Art Beat Foundation 2012 Staff & Volunteers

Antonette Goroch Bevelacqua, Executive Director

Lorenzo Levinger, Band Manager, Bandersnatch

Sean McArdle, Band Manager, Exploding Pines

Xeena Paul, Band Manager, Valkyrie

Theo Quayle, Band Manager, Valkyrie

Michele Kappel-Stone, Guest Volunteer & Performance Coordinator

Cori Crooks, Roving Photographer & Social Media Cheerleader


Guest Performers

Juanita & the Rabbit

Rin Tin Tiger

Pure Emcee

Scott Mickelson


Guest Workshops

Hilary Reed, Vocal & Breathing Techniques

Terri Loewenthal, Photo Shoot

Scott Mickelson, CD Art & Design

Jerome Steegmans, Live Recording

Danny Santos, Roving Critique & Support

Luis David, Asst. Engineer

Eric McKay, Coppertone Studios, Live Recording & Photography


Roadies & Equipment Support

Josh Bevelacqua

Matty Stone

Gregory Coates Piper


Special Thanks To:

Oakland School for the Arts

Coppertone Studios

The Starry Plough

East Bay Express

Shannon Moe Gill

Chris Gill