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Home Art Beat Incubator Projects “Occupy the Bay” at 25C August 31

“Occupy the Bay” at 25C August 31

We are delighted to announce our first film event at 25C! We’ve partnered with M. Costello & Associates for a very special screening and release party at The 25th St. Collective for “Occupy the Bay” a new documentary film from director Jonathan Riley and award-winning producer, Kevin Pina. The film documents the local incarnation of the Occupy Movement (perhaps you’ll see someone you know…??), from Occupy Oakland’s general strike day, port shutdowns and controversial decision to embrace a “diversity of tactics,” to police brutality that has attracted attention nationally and worldwide.

Following the cocktail hour film screening, music will be provided from Jabari Shaw, Shareef Ali & the Radical Folksonomy and Super Natural.

Friday, August 31


The 25th St. Collective

477 25th St.

Oakland, CA 94612

Wheelchair accessible

All ages

$10-$25 Sliding Scale—A Fundraiser for the Film, Occupy the Bay

6-8pm cocktail hour with DJ Teardrop

7pm–film screening

9pm music from:

Super Natural

 Shareef Ali

 Jabari Shaw



“Occupy the Bay” is a documentary video project directed by Jonathan Riley and produced by Kevin Pina/Long Memory Productions. This one-hour documentary chronicles the local incarnation of the Occupy Movement, which officially started in September 2011 on Wall St., and then spread across the country and continues today. Rather than aiming to define the scope of the entire Occupy Movement, to create a one-sentence slogan articulating its goals, or to abstractly discuss its impact on the “national conversation,” this film focuses more specifically on events in the Bay Area and their impact. From Occupy Oakland’s port shutdowns and controversial decision to embrace a “diversity of tactics,” to police brutality that has attracted attention nationally and worldwide, this movie deals with the unique factors that have made the story of the Occupy Movement in the San Francisco Bay Area what it is today.


Kevin Pina is an award winning journalist and filmmaker. Pina first reported on human rights violations committed by the Haitian military in the poor neighborhood of Cite Solei in1991 for the KPFA News in the United States. He is known for his extensive coverage of human rights abuses in Haiti following the ouster of Jean-Bertrand Aristide on February 29, 2004 and the installation of the interim government of Gerard Latortue and Boniface Alexandre in March 2004. Pina reported on events in Haiti from 2003-2006 as a Special Correspondent for the radio program, Flashpoints, heard on KPFA – the flagship station of Pacifica Radio based in Berkeley, California. Pina is also the Founding Editor of the Haiti Information Project (HIP), a non-profit news agency based in Port-au-Prince and Northern California.


Shareef Ali & The Radical Folksonomy perform deeply lyrical songs against a rich tapestry of American traditional music from folk to jazz to country to rock & roll. Poignant and revealing verse reminiscent of Leonard Cohen or Conor Oberst is laden with sweet vocal harmonies, warm Telecaster twang and cascading piano textures. A delicate trust is forged between artist and audience, “a feeling that he’s building fragile, intricate worlds inside a wind tunnel, fully aware that they may be caught in a gust at any moment.” (Britnelle Bell) Each vignette is guided along by elegant chord progressions, classical in craft and variation: though familiar forms recur in the terrain, the journey ends in quite a different place than the one in which it began.


Often referred to as “SF’s most adorable” urban folk rock band, Super Natural is a San Francisco-based foursome that serves up a unique and modern take on sixties folk, eighties punk and new wave, nineties indierock and the timeless themes of love, hate, greed, justice, revolution and struggle. The rich but sometimes edgy guy/girl harmony driven lead vocals, traditional folk themes and melodies and simple punk power chords bring on comparisons ranging from X, Richard & Linda Thompson and Mates of State to Fairport Convention and Pavement.