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Rabble Dabble

In preparation for the MCO/Art Beat show on January 16 at The Uptown Nightclub in Oakland, here is a little bit about The Rabbles who will be playing alongside Mount Whateverest, The Bottle Kids, and Super Natural.


The Rabbles are a psychedelic rock band from San Francisco founded in 2003. It’s members include J.Lee and Marina Lazzara on guitar and vocals, Dave Mairs on drums and backing vocals, Jamie Kimmel on bass, lead and backing vocals and Michael Chulada on organ/keyboards. They play a pastiche of styles influenced by 60′s psychedelia, 70′s and 80′s underground post-punk and various art and noise rock.

The band has recorded 4 albums, Rabble Music (2004), Rabble Rabble (2008), Dabble (2010) and a brand new lp yet to be titled which will be released in the summer of 2012. Each album is self-recorded and is a unique collection of curios spanning lush pop to abrasive dissonance.

The members of The Rabbles have been a part of San Francisco’s music scene for the past two decades. Past bands have included Static Faction, Blue Gum Art, Shmoogie, Ghost Echoes, and The Love X Nowhere.

You can hear some of their songs here, or just come see them at the Uptown.