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Block Party in Old Oakland Oct. 18!

Pacific Coast Brewing, Co. in downtown Oakland has been a great supporter of the arts and artists over the years and Art Beat is delighted to be a part of celebrating their anniversary! They’ve got a whole weekend of specials and music events, including a day of live music on the 900 block of Washington St. (out front of Pacific Coast) that we are co-presenting! Bands include local faves like B. Hamilton, Extra Classic, TV Mike & the Scarecrowes and more. Check out the full line up here.


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A drinking band with a rock and roll problem…

Mount Whateverest will be playing the Uptown TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! for their “Electric City” CD release, with The Bottle Kids, Super Natural, and the Rabbles. DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Mount Whateverest artfully mixes glam, space rock and classic rock into their own unique and universally resonant genre: stoner pub rock. Mining the same boozy vein as bar-rock champions the Faces but as seen through the droning kaleidoscope of Spacemen 3 the band has glam aspirations, though their songs often veer off into Blondie-like disco grooves with sing-along choruses and catchy basslines.

Beer soaked and starry eyed, Mount Whateverest fills the imaginary space between the Replacements, the Flaming Lips and the Shirelles. The band has two songwriters in Christ Streng (Stratford 4) and Jonah Wells who share an affinity for noisy chaos and pop hooks. Streng’s shredded vocals are offset with the high harmonies of Sasha Soukup (Sasha & the Shamrocks) and Cynthia Harrell while Wells and Steven Melendez provide the rhythmic motor. Mount Whateverest- a drinking band with a rock & roll problem!

With the release of the Electric City album, Mount Whateverest is ready to reach new heights of awesomeness. The songs on the album range from the noisy pop of ‘Mr Magician’ and ‘Candy Money’ to the barely restrained punk outbursts ‘You want the power’ and ‘Do it right’. ‘Space trash’ and alcoholic-anthem ‘Drink Tickets’ address the rigors of life on the road through a pair of rose colored beer goggles. Both ‘Electric City’ and ‘Get By’ groove along on steady, spacey riffs which almost re-imagine the Velvet Underground as ravers on e. ‘Nothing on my mind’ wraps it’s romantic message in a layer of nonchalance. The album gains steady momentum as it builds from the Stones-y shuffle of ‘$100 Bill’ to the unhinged riff rocker ‘Room With No Sound‘.

Released digitally and in Europe in August 2013, Electric City will be released in the US January 16, 2014.


See them play:

Thursday, January 16, 2014
The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA
9:30pm music/21+/$10

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“As good as the genre gets”

Another spotlight for this coming show at the Uptown–this time with The Bottle Kids.


Its old school power pop ala The Nerves, Paul Collins or The Plimsouls. Expertly weaving signature pop harmonies, crunchy guitars and relentlessly catchy hooks, The Bottle Kids offer a soundtrack equally appropriate for an afternoon daydream, a poolside party with your crush or a long drive down the rocky, windy coast. Conceived as the musical vision of frontman/songwriter/producer Berkeley native, Eric Blakely, The Bottle Kids embody the best of both “then” and “now,” combining Blakely’s deep roots in early 80’s power pop with a keen sense of songwriting and production for a refreshing, innovative and stubbornly irresistible sound. The debut release, Such a Thrill, came out in 2013, to widespread critical acclaim. Musoscribe’s, Bill Knop, conveyed a simple yet common theme, “Harmonies meet guitar crunch and the result is as good as the genre gets.”

See them this Thursday , January 16, Uptown Nightclub!!!!!

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